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Hello Gisele,

I wanted to pass on to you my experience yesterday with Morgan. It was an experience that knocked me out of the park! That young woman, in my opinion, has a real gift, and a remarkable touch. I thought you should be aware; if you aren’t already.

Warmest wishes,

A huge fan of LMTAC!

I have found the Ladner Massage Therapy Clinic to be the best clinic I have ever been too! The owner Gisele is a doll! She has helped me beyond words! I dream of my appointments, and I'm not alone. Others have mentioned how phenomenal the treatments are too. Did I mention the unbelievably beautiful holistic creams and ointments she uses? She cares so much that she only uses natural cleaning products also. I think this testifies to the integrity and high calibre of this clinic. This clinic is a GEM. Honestly, I am thrilled by the professional service and care demonstrated by Gisele and her amazing staff. If I could rate it higher than 5 stars, I WOULD!

Teresa Flanagan

As a health care professional myself (RMT), I know the importance of maintenance and preventative treatment - and the only place I go to is Ladner Massage Therapy! I've seen multiple therapists over the years at this clinic, and have never been disappointed; they are professional, knowledgeable, and courteous - and they keep me healthy enough to continue doing my work without pain! I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who is looking for a great therapist, and I would trust anyone there to do a fantastic job meeting my needs!

Loralei Snider

Nothing but positive things to say about EVERY aspect of my experience with LMT. Super easy to book either online or over the phone, the space is comfortable and inviting and all therapists are incredible at ensuring they do everything to fit the needs of their clients. LMT has helped me in so many ways and I would recommend them to everyone I know.

Jaclyn Keene

Simply the best care. The clinic owner ensures a professional clean and relaxing atmosphere is maintained every time I require treatment.

Liza Clark

I have been with Ladner Massage Therapy since it was under Gisele's ownership. I received massages from 3 different RMTS. All were professional, pleasant and good listeners, attentive to my massage therapy needs. The clinic is clean and has a very relaxing atmosphere with soothing music. In summer it is air conditioned. The massage oils used by the RMTS are all natural, pleasant to the senses and good for your skin. In the past before I discovered LMTAC, I had massages at several other clinics. No-one can hold a candle to Ladner Massage Therapy. And they offer Direct Billing which is convenient.

Sophie Giroux

I have been very pleased with the amazing care and client service that I have received since becoming a patient at Ladner Massage Therapy last year. I have had a few appointments that I have needed to change and they have been very accommodating and called me back quickly to rebook my appointment. The rooms are nicely set up and much quieter than I had expected, given that they are on Ladner Trunk Road. I would happily refer them to family and friends.

Nathalie McGee

Gisele is excellent and always accommodating. She knows how to fix me up every time! She always identifies my problem area(s) and I leave her sessions feeling much better. When Gisele is not available, I have found the other Registered Massage Therapists that work with her very good also.

K. Bl.

I love going to Ladner Massage Therapy. I think that these RMTS give the best massage therapy treatments! I work on my feet all day on concrete floor and it can be hard on my legs and back but I definitely leave feeling "cured" when I visit LMT. I always find it a comfortable atmosphere, clean environment and non-intimidating (sometimes the idea of a massage can be intimidating).

My favorite thing about Ladner Massage Therapy is the owner Gisele Clark. She is totally authentic and genuine. I love knowing I am supporting a local business and business owner who is so great to her community. I always know the best compliment to a business is if you are willing to recommend it to family and friends and let me tell you I would happily send anyone I know to LMT! 

The clinic is beautiful!

Carly Plain

I have been to this clinic many times and have always had the most cheerful up to date service ever! After my car accident they took care of my needs with prompt attention. I left feeling much better after each treatment. These RMTs always have my best interest in mind and listen to my greatest needs at the moment. The clinic is very professional and warm at the same time...with that care about the client first attention to detail; so wonderful!

Jo-Ann Strebe

I definelty recommend Gisele and her massage therapy associates. She helped me through 3 sciatic pain pregnancies!!  She really listens to you and your concerns. I also see Leo (who's my calm in this busy mom's storm) and now Morgan who is specific and deep treatment based for my neck and shoulders.  

Andrea Bolina

Wonderful local Massage Therapy Clinic. Everyone I've ever seen here is fantastic! Very knowledgeable and caring hands run this Clinic.

Sharon Wright

Gisele Clark is amazing...where do I start!? The clinic is extremely clean and always smells wonderful. The lights in each treatment room are low and quiet music is in the background....the perfect environment for a relaxing massage therapy session!

...and now the best part is that Gisele is clinical, thorough and really cares about her clients. She has helped both my husband and myself over the past several years deal with a variety of issues. She researches everything you ask until she finds the right answer for everybody and each situation. Thank you so much Gisele! 

Mary Ann Burrows

I am able to walk with more ease and get into my much loved garden more often.  My pain becomes more manageable with their care.  All the RMTs are wonderful to deal with and I highly recommend this clinic to all I know.

Mrs. Young

I feel fortunate that I found Gisele.  She is diligent about finding the right technique, spends time researching, and provides excellent application of techniques.  I would recommend this clinic and trust anyone working here!!  

Kim Muzyka

Just want to comment on how happy I am with my treatments by Nicole and your other RMTs. I've been going regularly, once a week for my work related aches and pains, and these two girls keep me in great shape. I've been to a lot of massage therapists in the past, so I am very aware of how hard it is to find someone who is really good, and I find that the massage therapists at Ladner Massage Therapy clinic are all awesome!!! Thank you guys :)

Adriana Mitro

What can I say!  Gisele took me on when I was hugely pregnant with Twins and figured out how to "fit" me on the table and make me feel relaxed during a stressful time.  Our twins are 18 now and I'm still seeing Gisele ... she is my "serenity" in a world that is crazy busy.  Could not go without it or her.  Ladner Massage Therapy is #1 in my world.

Alynn Cosman

Thank you so much for fitting me in on Thursday. I didn’t realize how much pain I was in and the treatment you gave me far surpassed my expectations -- they were already pretty high from all that I knew about you and the way you run your business.

The pain on Saturday was intense; mostly just sore and tender muscles, as it should have been! Yesterday I was pain free… and still today as well. Thank you so much, know that you do make a difference for people and that’s such a great thing to realize and be a part of.

Angela McGregor

I have had the pleasure of working with Gisele who is undoubtedly a miracle worker on the body.  Also I have had Cathy working on me and she is incredible too!  You can't go wrong visiting these two awesome women - they have an intuition of the body as no one else.

Cindy Dunn

I have been seeing the RMTs at Ladner Massage Therapy for over 11 years and am very thankful. Gisele has helped me through my debilitating headaches and tense muscle pains. She is not only an amazing massage therapist but also very knowledgable - who has a keen interest in "fixing problems".  I have recommended her (and her team of exceptional Registered Massage Therapists) to all of my family members and friends - we ALL love her!

Kirsten Lim

Gisele is one of the best massage therapists in my opinion. She listens to your concerns, accesses what is going on and then works towards getting you better.  I have been a disciplined runner for many years and over the course of time I have had complaints from achilles and soleus issues to difficult hip pain. Gisele is knowledgeable, clinical and skilled and has been there to get me back into top form over the past 15 years!  

Barbara Kisiloski

Not only do I find the massages at Ladner Massage Therapy incredibly therapeutic, but I also love the warm, welcoming and friendly environment there. I see Gisele and other RMTs. They are all great at assessing and treating.  We couldn't be happier with the expert care of these knowledgeable RMTs. Thank you.

Cathy Carter

As I reflect on the year behind and look to the new year...I have to share something that touched me as a therapist, but so much more... Nicole Scott (Smith) ran beside a patient of the clinic in his first marathon. She joined him as his therapist, fellow competitor, peer and encouraged onward to his goal. He passed her and winked a special wink of "thank-you!" and she carried on to the finish after him. Nicole, you are way over the top amazing and I have to let you know...that you and Josh have made my top ONE for the year! I am inspired by the moment and the moments that led to this finish line in 2014..! Thank you for this...

Gisele Clark

I highly recommend any of the therapists here.  I refer to them often - they are all highly professional in their manner.

Dr. Tim St. Denis

There isn't anybody better than Gisele (...and all her associates are just great!) at Ladner Massage Therapy. She is a miracle worker!!! She is more than just a massage therapist - she truly works wonders and cares about you; makes you feel that she wants you better. Which is the way you feel when you leave.

Tim Edgar